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Highlight what can be seen from sky

Stratos Solution

Stratos Solution is a young company specialized in operation of aircrafts equipped with high performance Earth Observation sensors, and in the post-processing of data collected to produce relevant and useful information for end users.

Totally focused on improving the situational awareness of our clients, and on providing effective decision-making processes, Stratos Solution is developing tools and skills to optimize its responsiveness, to guarantee high quality of acquired data and to ensure full relevance of delivered information, this in the shortest possible time between acquisition and final delivery.

Stratos Solution is a company owned by Stemme AG and Sonaca, both companies active in the aeronautical sector and providing resources and engineering needed to support its development and operations.


Airborne data management added value

Airborne data acquisition and processing focused on a full end to end service delivery to make customers' lives easier
Different types of mission and payloads (RGB, LIDAR, photogrammetry…) to cover a wide range missions, quality data acquisitions and information delivery
Focused on large scale missions characterized by large areas of interest to be covered in one shot (up to 7.000 hectares in one day)
High flexibility and reactivity to shorter the lead time between definition of the mission and final delivery of the information (from 6h to 24h depending on the mission)


End-to-end service provider

Full integration in customer’s operational & management systems
Full Operation of STEMME ASP15 & SONACA 200 aircrafts

Full Operation of STEMME ASP15 & SONACA 200 aircrafts

Certified aircrafts developed for Earth Observation missions and already available

High flexibility and reactivity to answer to specific needs as quick as possible

Complete operation of aerial platforms with limited customer’s involvement

LIDAR & RGB Acquisition

LIDAR & RGB Acquisition

Performant LIDAR (32pts/m²) to perform accurate 3D mapping on large areas

High resolution RGB pictures (3cm/pixel) to cover 2D/3D mapping and photogrammetry

Automatic operation of performant payloads to reduce costs and improve reactivity

Automatic post processing

Automatic post processing

Change detection process in order to ensure threat detection and improve temporal follow up

Multiple box Artificial Intelligence technology used to identify and characterize the objects/events

Formatted reporting

Formatted reporting

Full integration of final reports in customer’s operational & management systems

Possible Data fusion with customer operational & administrative information

Doubt removal and post analysis capabilities
Reports provided day after (maybe less) and near real time in the future


Acquisition and processing of high quality airborne data

2D Mapping & orthophotoplan

Resolution of 3,67 cm/pixel
Relative/Absolute error on pixel positioning of 1,6 cm / 72 cm
2D Mapping & orthophotoplan
Length and area measurements for topographic surveys
Visualization of ground assets and infrastructures in great details
Archiving your assets state at time

3D Mapping & photogrammetry usage

Density of point cloud of 164 points/m2
Relative/Absolute error on point positioning of 1,6 cm / 72 cm
3D Mapping & photogrammetry usage
Volume measurements for topographic surveys (accuracy of 1%)
3D mapping of your ground assets and infrastructures in great details
Volume calculation between two surveys

Press release

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Stratos Solution

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